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Article on proper usage of C++

Contains the most essential C++ tips, that allow to fully use the language's potential. I gathered this knowledge throughout many years of private and commercial experience. The article is available here.

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Lecture: Basics of orbital mechanics in spaceflight

My lecture, which took place in Silesian Fantasy Club in July and August, 2008. On a presentation, having about 80 slides, I'm trying to explain basics of space flight. The presentation contains images created in a popular program, designed for vector graphics creation - Inkscape. The lecture's archive also contains a Scilab script, which calculates time dilatation of a fictitious ship moving with a constant acceleration as well as gravitational dilatation.

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Rocket Science for Dummies

Series of tutorials concerning basic spaceflight maneuvers in Orbiter, based on articles courtesy of Windlepoons, from Game Planet Forum. My contributions to these articles were making them current and what's more important - providing strikingly detailed explanations of the maneuvers in question.

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Interplanetary MFD tutorial - From the Earth to the Moon

The IMFD tutorial touches more advanced topic than the RSfD, that is Lunar interception using a sophisticated tool: IMFD. Despite different levels of complexity of the two tutorials, I've tried to maintain my analytical approach and make the tutorial as explanatory as the RSfD tutorials are. The IMFD tutorial even got a very good review from the IMFD's author himself. Search for Enjo (my nickname) on his webpage.

The tutorial is available here

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Launch MFD docs

The Launch MFD documentation deserves a separate entry, as it clearly shows my Open Office Writer usage abilities. In a handy, hyperlink-driven documentation, I try to teach the reader not only Launch MFD's usage, but also principles and math behind rocket launches, for example in the "Basic theory" section. I made the docs printable, using my image whitening script, presented in the Programs section.

The documentation is available here (PDF format).

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Polish Orbiter fan page

Webpage designed by Sebastian Sosnowski and passed to me, as its maintainer. The most important part of this webpage is the tutorials section. Here's the webpage. Only Polish material.

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