Mac OS X binary release downloads

Techdemo 23.3 Intel - binary release, libraries included.

Compatibility table

Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard - should work out of the box, although you may encounter wierd colours sometimes. This is due to my sloppy color values coding, resulting from assumption that I always deal with 32-bit surfaces :) Will be fixed sooner or later.

If you ran MDDClone-SDL on a distro which is not listed here, please send feedback to me about the issues you may have encountered, or that the game works out of the box. My contact info is inside the launcher program, About tab, and inside documentation. Thank you.

Development notes

Unfortunately, there will be no MDDClone-SDL for iPhone (ARM) and PowerPC. One reason would be that my time is too limited to port all inline assembly in code to portable C, but the main reason is that it would be a total waste of time, because the assembler that we use for Benson routines - NASM, although helped very much already, outputs binary code only for Intel architecture. Now even if I ported the inline assembly into C and compiled the game files for PowerPC or ARM (this is possible), I couldn't link these object files with Benson routines compiled by NASM. Sorry!